(Last Update :13/08/2019)

Harcourt Butler Technical University (erstwhile Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur) was established in the year 1921 by the Government of United Provinces to promote technical education, applied research and industrial development of the region. It is popularly known as “HBTI”. The academic programmes in the university were first introduced in 1923 the in areas of “Chemical Research” and “Chemistry and Technology of Oils”. Subsequently other core engineering departments came into existence. From the September 1st 2016, the erstwhile institute has been upgraded to a full-fledged university. The university is currently running 13 undergraduate courses in various disciplines of Engineering and Technology and postgraduate programmes in 13 specializations. The Institute has active research programme in disciplines of Engineering, Chemical Technology, Basic Sciences and Social Sciences. The university is fully funded the Government of UP.


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